boulder pointe GOLF CLUB

New Golf Course Construction

Boulder Point Golf Club was developed by Jim Deanovic of Peter Andrea Corporation as part of a 290 unit residential golf community located on 280 acres of property in Elko, Minnesota. The site consisted of approximately 190 acres of rolling farmland and 90 acres of wetlands. The course routing situated the golf course primarily in the low-land areas adjacent to the wetlands while the clubhouse and home sites were located in the upland portions of the site to take advantage of views of the golf course. In 2001 the golf course portion of the project was sold to a group of investors who still own and operate the course today.

Herfort Norby’s responsibilities included the design and management of all aspects of the project including oversight of wetland delineation and permit acquisition, course routing, solicitation of bids and construction observation. The project was constructed by DBI Golf of Prinsburg, Minnesota. Construction began in March of 2001 and work on the golf course was completed in June of 2002.

Telephone: (612) 799-5399


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