brookings country club

Brookings, South Dakota

Master Plans


Brookings Country Club was constructed in the 1920s
and, like many courses of that era, was originally built
as a 9-hole course with oiled-sand greens. The course
was later expanded to 18-holes and today is a parklandstyle
course with small rounded and sharply-undulating
greens and small bunkers. The course is widely regarded
in eastern South Dakota and southwest Minnesota for its
unique classic character. However, over time the course has
lost much of its historic character and become somewhat
more diffi cult to maintain. In addition, advances in golf
equipment technology had resulted in a number of safety
issues. Trees had grown and created shade and turf quality
issues. The sand bunkers had expanded in size with erosion
and maintenance so that the exposed faces were now
contaminating the sand.


In 2012, Herfort Norby was retained to prepare a long-range
master plan for improvements. The Master Plan identifi ed
safety and the condition of the tees and bunkers as the three
primary issues affecting playability and maintenance. In the
fall of 2012, the Club solicited competitive bids to complete
a renovation of the course intended to improve maintenance
and playability and to restore the historic character which
was instrumental in differentiating the course from other
areas courses. Proposed recommendations included
eliminating poorly positioned and obsolete bunkers.