Growing the Game

We’ve all heard it said “golf is too hard, too expensive and takes too much time”. We’ve also heard it said that kids are the future of our game. Unfortunately, I still see websites and advertisements inviting golfers to come play their “challenging” course and wonder how they can so disconnected. We are an aging population and our youth and families have many choices for activities that don’t cost as much, have as many rules or take as long as the game of golf does. Foot Golf and Snag Golf are good ideas but don’t really address the fact that we need to have golf courses that are fun, playable and accessible to golfers of all abilities.

At Herfort Norby, we understand what it takes to make golf fun and how to attract those who golf but don’t necessarily consider themselves “a golfer”. This starts by designing golf holes that have generous landing areas, multiple teeing options and carefully placed hazards. Tees and bunkers need to be positioned so that golfers using the forward tees are not unfairly penalized and required to hit a disproportionately longer approach shot to the green. .

The days of building longer, more-challenging courses are over.